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Sue has been making rugs for the last 30 years, and I specialize in a rug that fits, and still make them for our own team of showjumping horses.

        All my rugs are of the highest quality avaliable with nothing compromised, and only the best - fabric, webbing, fittings, threads and linings are used on my rugs. I want to produce a top quality rug that will look good, last and be great value for money.

Summerbreeze Day sheets

Matching Neck rugs / Hoods / tail bags

Cotton Show sets

by request to suit your colour combinations

Canvas Rugs

Heavy duty / Wool lined / extra drops / different weights

Canvas Neck Rug

Satin and Quilted or polar fleece lined / zip closure

Wool Trophy Rug

Embroidery / leg straps by request

Wool stable Rug

Warm wool under rug

Quilted Travel/Stable rug

Warm tough alternative to a wool rug

Collarcheck Wool and Cotton Show Rugs

Traditional collarcheck pattern in several colours

Sick of buying a new, flash looking rug for you best horse only to find it falls apart in a few weeks, because the stitching gave way or a leg strap pulled off, clip broke or the front strap tears and comes off? How about when the neck is too big for the size you need, or get the right neck size and the rug is way too short?


Bloomfield Equestrian Custom Rugs

is a home based custom rug manufacturing business situated in South Australia. Here Sue is specializing in manufacturing a rug that will fit your horse, not rub or fall apart.

There is a wide variety to choose from and no plastic to be seen. Rugs are made from cotton, wool, poly/cotton, quilted fabrics and different weights of canvas for the winter and cooler months.

I dislike immensely ill fitting, badly made rugs and see many with great fabric only to be let down with too light a thread being or inferior fittings being used to keep the price down.

Why would you want to do that? Just to save a couple of dollars I guess? Still can’t understand why anyone would put all that work into something, then take a shortcut.


Rugs are made from a white ripstop 35%-65% poly/cotton fabric, with burgundy /black or navy / light blue, lines. Any colour binding you choose to match your show team. This is a very tough fabric, easy to wash, which allows it to be used all year round, either as a summer rug, or under your wool or canvas rugs during winter. It keeps your horse cooler in the summer and stops sunburn if used with a hood or neck rug or as a combo.

Shade cloth:

Rug or combo, fantastic for the hottest summer days, keeps the coat in great condition, the sun off and also a light summer shower of rain. I have found it fantastic for young horses or horses/colts/stallions that tear their rug to shreds. A shadecloth bib will also keep a stallion at bay, reducing the expensive repair bill. Just attach to the under rug or over the top canvas rug any time of the year. Very hard wearing.

Quilted Rugs and Bibs:

Fantastic for the cooler weather, for the stable, or as an under rug for the coldest winter. Cotton on cotton, Cotton on satin or Check Poly on cotton quilts are the best solution. Warm, tougher than wool, look smart and just as warm as wool. Cotton on Cotton and Cotton on satin are a soft, warm Navy quilt outer with either cotton or red satin lining. The Check Poly quilt has a tough cut resistant outer with cotton lining. All quilts have a 180gsm Dacron filler. 

Standing Leg Wraps and Bandages:

for stable and traveling, which reduce/prevent swelling after competition and provide excellent protection when applied correctly with a good quality bandage. Most European horses live in them due to being stabled most of the day. They are well padded and do not slip on the leg when wrapped correctly.

Also avaliable to match these are great wide, long, knitted or polar fleece bandages, designed to wrap around the pads correctly. A lovely cotton knitted bandage is avaliable especially suited to dressage or jumping competition.

Deluxe Ice Boots:

They come in pairs, allow the horses both front legs to be iced at the same time. The boots allow the foot, pasterns, fetlocks right up to and above the knees to be iced. Up to a full bag of ice mixed with half a bucket of water can be used for each boot, and the ice can be reused a second time. These are fantastic when stabled at a show, the horse tied to the truck at a show or at home if any problems arise after jumping on hard ground. They work really well if the horse has knocked itself or an injury that needs swelling reduced, or as a preventive to injury.

Wool Trophy / Presentation Rugs:

Double bound in many exciting colour combinations and embroidered with the owners/horses names, are really popular. Used as presentation rugs by many local Jump Clubs, Racing Cubs and Shows. Very popular!!!


Wool Stable Rugs:

less expensive wool under/stable rug with or without leg straps, very warm and in great checkered colours.


Embroidery by request can be embroidered straight onto rug or made into a badge for sewing onto a rug or saddle cloth.

Sheepskin / Fleece products:

I can now supply custom made Dressage Girths with Fleece covers that velcro on/off for washing. the covers help stop rubbing and chaffing for sensitive skinned horses. They are not a sleeve bit allow your lovely leather girth to show through, come in Cream, Ivory and Black to order only.

                  Also avaliable are Custom made Webbing Girth with fleece, velcro on cover, made to your special size.

For showing and jumping or I have avaliable to order beautiful 16mm or 24mm fleece pile Numnah's, 1/2 Saddle Pads with wither relief, Combo Saddle Pads, and Dressage size white quilt saddlecloth's with large removable pads, which sit against the skin, both with removable fleece for washing.

Stallion Pull Back collar:

with or without rope attached.

Tie Up Collar:

with extension great for at the show, extension making it easy to attach to with a clip ( saves threading a rope through the dee ring every time it is needed), and is great for tying up breakers, or just added security.

Anti Pawing Bracelets

for that annoying digging holes, wearing out shoes on concrete. Attach to the front legs above the knee, and chains touches the leg to help stop pawing. Commonly used in the racing industry

Removable Leg Straps

with loop end for attaching to Dee if not supplied with rug or one breaks. Sold in pairs, adjustable with sturdy metal snap clips.

 Lead Ropes 

with or without a clip (leaving you to choose the type you need) in soft marine type rope, washable and very kind on your hands. Comes in any length required.